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    January 3, 2014 8:10 PM EST
    Christmas gift

    “Son, do not try to run away , you have an important thing to do today. “ It was Christmas Eve.
    “ I can’t stay all the way. Only two chairs to sit for three and no space even to breath. I can enjoy 
    With my friends” wearing a rag “ Nimal replied.
    “No dear, you go and help our landlord to decorate his house for Christmas preparation. Definitely you you will be presented new clothes. You can wear them to Christmas mass.”
    Nimal continued refusing.
    ‘Chataas’ Nimal screamed with pain. It was a heavy slap. Nimal had no tears to cry. All finished during this short period of his life. 
    May Dad’s Christmas gift. How can he afford money for some other gift.
    Nimal worked hard on the Landlord’s house till late in the evening.
    When Nimal try to leave the little son of the Landlord offered him a piece of cake.
    “ I will take it home and share with my parents” Nimal thought.
    ‘Chataas’ a heavy blow. This is the second slap in the Christmas eve.
    “I’ve got two Christmas gifts already” Nimal thought.
    It was the landlord full of anger. 
    “You are deceiving my little one and robbed a cake” He shouted.
    Nimal couldn’t hide his tears no more.
    It broke out.
    *Suni Algama* December 25, 2013

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