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    Ethan Harrison
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    Illuminati Hunter is a historical, conspiracy, adventure packed with extraordinary twists and laced with dark humour. Told in the form of a memoir set in 1780's Bavaria and taking 'The Flashman Chronicles' (George McDonald Frasier) as a basic format - setting fictional characters in real historical events - it traces the events of the Illuminati's expulsion from that country after one of their messengers was struck by lightning and incriminating documents were found on his body by the authorities. This part of the story (the lightning strike) is true, as are others in the book, though I have invented the main characters:

    'Ride with Sebastian Drechsler, flawed freshman of 1784's Ingolstadt University as he gallops through this thrilling tale. Under the watchful eye of Professor Van Halestrom he is trained to do battle with the infamous Bavarian Illuminati which schemes to take over the world using debt, war, revolution and slavery to plunge civilisation into eternal darkness.'

    Under the Professor's guidance Sebastian quickly learns that his new world is much darker and complex than he ever could have imagined. He must survive many terrifying perils; devilish rituals, gruesome sacrifices, rigged examinations, never ending chases, horrendous torture, evil plots, unearthly monsters, even unrequited love and also, on the way, ask himself profound moral, philosophical and personal questions before he can find his 'new self.'

    The story is told in as exciting, simple and touching way as I could tell it. He is mostly honest, loves his parents, wants to enjoy life, gets frightened when people try to kill him but always tries to do what's right in the end. Like most readers. 'Boy's Own' written in a contemporary style, best describes the moral and structural dynamic. I wanted it to be accessible to all readers from 14- 99 whilst, I hope, not compromising the integrity of the narrative. The paperback has footnotes (like Flashman), explaining the historical background, giving the narrative a intriguing credibility and in the E book these turn into hypertext links which take the modern reader to the appropriate Wikipedia page.

    I'm sure it is a novel idea (please forgive the pun) which could become commercially viable as it would appeal, not only to to the ever growing hordes of conspiracy theorists but also the average reader who just wants a good, exciting, funny, warmhearted, historical romp. I also believe it would be easy to serialise.

    I've already sold 500 copies from my website receiving great feedback and reviews, got it on Amazon, sold it to Waterstones in Brighton (see photo above) and currently have Bristol and Northampton branches reading it as well.

    I hope you like it.


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