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    Andrew Goodman
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    I’m Andrew Goodman and I’d like to be considered for inclusion into the Noveltunity reading list.


    I'm is not only a writer of novels but also short stories and short- & feature-length screenplays. I was a semi-finalist in the 2009 British Short Screenplay Competition and was commissioned to write a 90-minute feature in 2012 for SeeView Pictures. 

    ‘Tiberius Found’ is his my novel published in paperback and ebook formats, and is the initial book of a three-part series: The Emperor Initiative, with the subsequent instalments to be released in 2014 and 2015. 2014 will also see the release of my first “Oliver Drummond” supernatural adventure novels set in the 1920s: ‘Oliver Drummond and the Four Horsemen’, which sees schoolboy Oliver ‘Bulldog’ Drummond pitting his wits against occult groups, ghosts, murderers and traitors who want to gain control over the horseshoes from the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

    I currently work in the Adult learning environment with the intention of becoming a full-time writer in the near future and live in the UK with my Welsh Terrier, Ceiwyn.


    England, 2028 – Daniel Henstock’s sixteenth birthday is no different from all his others: he gets near-perfect test results at school as well as the unwanted attention of school bully, Terry Llewellyn but his status quo is about to be shattered. Confidential data is cloned from a secure terminal – identifying him as the missing Tiberius – and suddenly he’s a target. His parent’s are murdered and Daniel is rescued by the same professor who saved him as a babe. He discovers that his life, so far, has been a lie. He’s been genetically engineered and the scientists behind the Emperor Initiative want him back, and it’s not for tea and biscuits.

     Daniel and flees to America, alone and scared, and tries to hide himself from those who are sure to follow. And follow they do. Daniel manages to elude them but gives away his location when he attempts to discover the truth about his origin. Gregory Dryden, the man behind the Emperor Initiative, now knows where Daniel is and he won’t let him escape again.

    In America Daniel meets Eleanor, and suddenly his plight is forgotten – it might have something to do with her accent but more likely the way he feels when her cheeks dimple. They arrange a date but her friendship with Daniel makes her a target too and he’s not prepared to let Dryden threaten anyone else, especially her.

    Dryden realises that Daniel had aid to flee the country and sends ex-military officer Miles Brennan to capture the professor and so lure Daniel back. The professor is paraded as a terrorist and Daniel chooses to return home, knowing that it’s a trap, to re-pay the debt he owes. But before he leaves America Daniel visits a back-street merchant, Pickford, to get some special equipment.

    Daniel manages to break in to building where the professor is being held but it’s too late – the professor is hooked up to a machine, and dies before Daniel can free him. Brennan arrives and tells Daniel he’s not his enemy but the teenager is blinded by rage. They fight and Brennan ends up getting his own Taser turned against him.

    Daniel escapes and heads straight for the research labs where he was ‘created’ and where Dryden still continues his dire experiments. But again Daniel fails to free the most recent Claudius test subjects. He’s trapped in a room being filled with poisonous gas and Dryden arrives in time to taunt him but Daniel eventually succumbs to the gas. Dryden orders his body to be taken to the morgue in preparation for dissection, once the poison has cleared his system.

    The poison does dissipate but not in the way Dryden thought - Daniel’s cells repair themselves and heal the damage. He returns to life with the fixed desire to end Dryden’s research once and for all. Daniel tampers with the Path-Gen building systems then faces his nemesis. Dryden taunts Daniel with his ‘get out of jail free’ European Court exemption contract but when the Path-Gen reactors start to red-line, and trigger explosions, he realises that Daniel would rather die – for real this time – than let him escape.

    They fight and Daniel ends up clinging to a lift shaft, one arm broken, with Dryden holding on to his legs. Just when Daniel thinks they are both doomed Brennan arrives and rescues the teenager, letting Dryden fall to his death in the process. It’s clear that Brennan is working for another agency but who, or why, he doesn’t say.

    Daniel returns to America, and re-joins Eleanor, intent on living as normal a life as he can but when Brennan delivers Daniel’s DNA to his superiors his peace may not be so assured.

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