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    Ann M Andrashie
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    Author of five star winning novel, Dog Island,   Ann M. was born and half- raised in the Chicago area.She and her family moved to the Wisconsin Northwoods when she was closer to thirteen than twelve. Living in both locations has given Ann M. a useful insight as a writer to both city life and country.


    A natual knack for writing (along with a healthy lifelong dose of ongoing daydreaming and imagination) gained Ann M.  employment consisting of writing newsletters and advertising for several businesses.


    Forever writing unshared stories, it wasn't until her twins were raised and with children of their own, did Ann M. finally find time to get truly serious about her stories. Finding the courage to share her secret writings with a couple of close friends and a few family members, Ann M. captured the encouragement to complete her first novel, Dog Island.


     Ann M. is currently working on her second novel: The Caregiver, to be released summer of 2014.

    With the success of  'What Say You?' the series is to include, 'What Say You? ~Volume 2' 'What Say Wee?' and 'What Say They?'  along with   'A Wisconsin Christmas'.


    All books are available through Amazon and select book stores.


    You can  Visit Ann at:








                              Dog Island

    Growing up is hard in 1972, especially if you’re 12-year-old Katherine Rose “Mosie” Bitmen.While praying her best friend’s dead aunt out of purgatory and keeping that old witch, Mary Worth, from appearing in the bathroom mirror, Mosie is sentenced to yet another month of rosary, three times a day. The reason: fighting “The Perfects,” St. Anne's all-girl gang.


    Then, just when she thinks life couldn't get any worse, it does. When her father moves the family to her Native American mother's hometown in the Wisconsin Northwoods, Mosie forges a friendship with a dog that's gone wild in the swamps. To save the dog's life and that of her soon to be born wolf-pups, Mosie has to make a decision of a lifetime.


    Will she embrace her quest and seek out the legendary Dog Island located next to the Apostle Islands, somewhere out in the cold deep waters of Lake Superior? Or will she come to her senses before it’s too late?


                                  What Say You?


     These snippets are written by both famous persons, and the not so worldly famous. Collecting them, reading them, preparing them, I found it hard to distinguish which was which. For fun and amusement I was half tempted to toss names, titles and occupations to the side, letting you the reader come to your own conclusion as to who should be given such claim and recognition as talented and gifted. But there was no need.


    For every single person who has placed their words within this snippet book, is talented, and most preciously gifted. I am so proud and honored to have been a part of this project; and even more so, a tremendous applause of that pride and honor is to be
    bestowed onto those who have contributed their thoughts and words to: 
    What Say You?.




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