• Title
    Bristlecone Magic
  • Description

              Bristlecone Magic is a dialogue-driven novel about the magic within all of us. It’s there but do we take the time to let it out and actually see what it can do. It’s the magic of a hello to a stranger or a thank you when we need it the most. It’s the magic of what can be accomplished when a close-knit community comes together in a time of tragedy.

              There is more than one kind of magic. There’s real magic, if we believe in it and in our friends. Today is Jimmy and Johnny Honeycutt’s twentieth birthday and everything is right with the world. What could go wrong? As fate would have it, the worst thing happened.

            Consumed by guilt, Jim blames himself for his brother’s death. To avoid reality, he retreats inside himself because he doesn’t know what to do until he stumbles over a root from the oldest largest tree he’s ever seen near Honeycutt Haven. It is here that the magic of the Bristlecone begins.

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