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    ** ALL proceeds net of taxes from this book will go to the Harvey Milk Foundation ** 

    Major leaguer Henry Vaughn, Jr. is a goofy, goodhearted guy. He’s also a bit of a womanizer, more than a little homophobic, and rather protective of his macho image. Having asthma, Henry takes part in a clinical drug trial hoping to get rid of his embarrassing asthma inhaler. Unfortunately, the drug has an unusual side effect: it makes him gay... 

    Research assistant, Sam, is gay and doesn't believe Henry’s little story about the pill making him attracted to men. In an effort to get rid of him, Sam introduces Henry to his best friend, Thomas, who is known for helping people struggling with their sexuality. Thomas is patient, kind, and has the most beautiful eyes Henry’s ever seen… 

    To Sam’s fury, Thomas falls for Henry, who begins to wonder if he really has been gay all along. As media rumors swirl about a possible gay player on the team, Henry becomes desperate to keep his secret from his teammates, the media, and his homophobic father. Though he and Thomas are very much in love, Thomas is passionate about gay pride and finds it very painful hiding their relationship. He won’t do it forever. 

    Henry faces a terrible choice: come out of the closet and possibly lose his career and his father or keep hiding and lose the man he loves. And what if it turns out he’s not really gay?

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