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    Lorraine Cobcroft
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    Lorraine Cobcroft was born in Australia and, after an eventful life living in four countries, is now semi-retired and lives in beautiful seaside Pottsville, NSW. Married to Peter, she has three children and five grandchildren.

    Lorraine spent much of her life as a business, technical and instructional writer, but now finds time to venture into the worlds of fiction, creative non-fiction and writing for children.

    In the autumn of her life, she has become courageous and outspoken, embracing controversy. She admires the courage and personal strength of those who stand fearlessly for their beliefs.

    Lorraine’s heroes are the unsung battlers: those who suffer quietly and with serene acceptance of that which is unacceptable - man's inhumanity to man - yet continue to love, to give, and to hope. She finds herself yielding to a furious yearning to use the pen to ''nudge the world a little'' - while entertaining readers, to expose and hopefully inspire remedy of social injustice; to applaud unsung heroes; and to expose the amazing strength of the human spirit, and the power of love.

    "The Pencil Case" is substantially Lorraine’s story. She has been married to the protagonist for forty years, and shared his struggles, his pains, his joys and his triumphs. She is in awe of his strength and his capacity to love and to forgive. She is in awe of the father who was his hero and his inspiration.

    His is a story that had to be told.

    Lorraine also authored “Melanie’s Easter Gift”, a picture book for children aged up to 12 years, and has authored a number of short stories, some of which have been featured in Anthologies published by Fairfield Writers Group, of which she has been an active member for several years.

    Lorraine also ghost writes, and has produced over 40 informational ebook titles under the names of clients.

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    Australia, New South Wales, POTTSVILLE, 24 Toshack Place
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