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Author: Geri Spieler

Title: Taking Aim at the President

Link: Taking Aim at the President Preview

Synopsis/Bio: Geri Spieler is a journalist and investigative reporter. Her specialty is to take the buzz on the streets and turn it into investigative stories that are not being covered anywhere else.

Geri is also a book reviewer for the New York Journal of Books, an official blogger for the Huffington Post, a member of National Book Critics Circle, member of the Internet Society and a senior writer with Ezine Magazine.


Author: J Steven Carr

Title: The Leader of the Lost People

Link: The Leader of the Lost People Preview

Synopsis/Bio: As a retired administrator J. Steven Carr has a million stories to tell - and some of them are true. As a career educator Carr's experience extends from the science classroom to the politically correct world of school administration.

The workings of the human mind, as influenced by society and biology make for intricate settings from The Leader of the Lost People to the soon to be published Inside the Wind where humans are tasked to overcome adverse circumstances in spite of their self-perceived inadequacies. Carr takes you on a ride that is unstoppable because it exists in your mind. Some people change, some people try and some do neither.


Author: Joe Corso

Title: Shootout in Cheyenne

Link: Shootout in Cheyenne Preview

Synopsis/Bio: "I grew up in Queens, New York. I started writing late in life hoping to help my grandchildren pay for their college education. I found to my surprise that I could tell a good story which resulted in my publishing 16 books and 9 short stories, including my popular 'ENGINE 24 FIRE STORIES' trilogy."

LAFITTE'S TREASURE and THE STARLIGHT CLUB 5: REVENGE are the latest books to have been published. The Time Portal 6: The Philadelphia Experiment will be published before the end of the year. "Go figure. If I would have known that I could tell a good story. I would have started writing a half century ago.


Author: LM Glenn

Title: Shelby

Link: Shelby Preview

Synopsis/Bio: L.M. Glenn combines an addiction to writing with an unconventional way of thinking and a love of playing with words. She enjoys creating peculiar, slightly disturbed characters who aren’t perfect as they deal with the world around them. Even so, like real life, they always find love, friendships and hopefully leave the reader with a smile.

She reads whenever she isn’t writing, and loves to cook and argue with her daughter, who usually wins. Glenn currently is writing her next novel with hopes of one day moving back to the mountains.


Author: Scott Skipper

Title: Alien Child

Link: Alien Child Preview

Synopsis/Bio: Scott Skipper is an American writer with eight novels to date. His quirky and irreverent style reflects his outlook on life. He operates from the seclusion of his home in the foothills of Southern California where he lives with a wonderful wife and some foolish dogs.

When not writing he enjoys reading, genealogy and collecting photographs of local wildlife. Although a seasoned traveler, he finds bliss in his splendid isolation and only rarely ventures into the madding world. Learn more at: www.ScottSkipper.com


Author: Shane Morales

Title: Scars of Youth

Link: Scars of Youth Preview

Synopsis/Bio: Shane Morales grew up in Saudi Arabia and attended the boarding school in Switzerland where Scars of Youth takes place. He went to an embarrassingly obscure university in western Maryland where he earned an even more embarrassingly obscure B.S. in physical geography with an emphasis on comparative paleo-anatomy. He has worked for nearly twenty years as an IT Ninja, but now writes full-time.

In his spare time, Shane likes to read young adult novels and manga, watch anime, and play Dungeons & Dragons. As a self-proclaimed 80's Heavy Metal Heathen Child, he enjoys such bands as AC/DC, Iron Maiden, and Judas Priest. Shane harbors a deep passion for computer and high-end audio equipment that he could never afford.


Author: Shirley Lambert

Title: Return to Spirit

Link: Return to Spirit Preview

Synopsis/Bio: Return to Spirit is the story of David and Karen Turner, a forever couple torn apart by the sudden death of David. Struggling with an overpowering business partner and day to day life without her soulmate, Karen retreats to her cliff top cottage on the outskirts of Tintagel, Cornwall.

Neighbours, Alice Brown and her daughter, Melody, both psychic mediums know that the strange energies beginning to fluctuate around the area are connected to Karen, but why? Strange phenomena around Karen, leave her struggling to evaluate into anything she can understand. Why has the Spirit World shut down all communication? Why are the energy levels rising, particularly around the castle? What has Merlin got to do with this? How much truth is there really in the Arthurian legend?


Author: Twe Stephens

Title: The Universes of God 3

Link: The Universes of God 3 Preview

Synopsis/Bio: Twe Stephens, an award winning author; he has researched and studied the bible for over forty years. He lived in Fridley Minnesota, as well as Oxford Pennsylvania. He was a staff writer for his college newspaper and wrote numerous articles.

He was commissioned to write the Lord’s story, from billions of years before the dawn of mankind, everything in between, to the Final eternity over a four book series.



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