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    I have been editing mostly fiction for five years. I am currently editing my 38th book. I charge by the hour, not the word. I believe that a writer and an editor should form a writing team. I will work within your budget. No money up front. I offer free advice on cover design. I will help you with your back cover blurb and your bio at no charge.

    I also send free marketing info to over 500 writers. Feel free to contact me to join my Marketing Minutia team.

    Once your book is published, I will include a free review in several sites. I believe it's very important to communicate. I will also edit a small segment free of charge. If you like it and you feel that we can become a good writing team, I will take on the assignment.

    I look forward to helping you in the near future, Feel free to ask me any questions. My home number is 845-343-4110

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