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    Rabbletown: Life in These United Christian States of Holy America

    The year is 2084. The place is Topeka, Kansas. The Church of the Evangels run the country through the Pastor President, pastor governors and pastor legislators. They rule with a Bible in each fist and the computer in your hovel. This dystopia presents a view of what life would be like under the control of right wing evangelical Christians. Work on the new state cathedral in Topeka provides the economic stimulus for that region. When religion rules, society enters a new dark ages, but still operating are the computer-based social networking systems the Church of the Evangels use to spy on its members. Abortion is outlawed; pregnancy is mandated. And if you don't fit into the society of the Church of the Evangels, you try to make a life in Rabbletown. And then the son of a mason reminds everyone what redemption is all about. Oh, and don't miss Stoning Fridays in Fred Phelps Plaza.

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