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    Raymond Vogel
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    Raymond Vogel is the kind of writer that sneaks out of bed late at night to capture an idea he had, the kind that likes going to airports to create imaginary characters out of the interesting people he sees.

    His first book, Matter of Resistance, was first written in 2007 while Raymond was working as a Systems Engineer on the NASA Orion Program. Taking part in the time-honored custom of daydreaming at his desk, he imagined a world in the long-distant future where humanity had not only settled on Mars but had become something different – something greater. The book was first self-published in 2011 and remained that way for a year. And, although it was very well received, the book has been rewritten in its entirety (while keeping the plot virtually unaltered) to reflect several years of learning from great writers.

    His short story, The Best Of You (From 2013: A Stellar Collection), is a first-person story about a megalomaniac 13 yr old who’s eliminating his scientific competition. His second book, which still lingers in draft form in desperate need of attention, involves the desperate struggle of a group of angry teenagers to fight back against Earth’s mind-controlling alien overlords.

    Today, Raymond is an owner of AEC Stellar Publishing, Inc. – a small, new publishing company with stellar ambitions. He lives in Tennessee, trying desperately with his wife to keep up with their three daughters and their active imaginations.

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