• Title
    Stephen Douglass
  • Description

    Born, raised and educated in Canada, Stephen spent the first half of his career working forthe two largest oil companies in the world: Exxon and royal Dutch Shell. He spent the second half working for one of the smallest oil companies in the world; his own.

    He has three sons and one daughter, all of whom are grown and “off the payroll”. Now retired, he spends his summers with his wife, Ann, and their two cats, Abby and Samantha, at their Canadian home near Niagara Falls. They winter at their Florida home in Port St. Lucie.

    When he is not writing, he is reading, traveling, or playing horrifying golf. He plans to write until the day he dies, probably longer. For Stephen, writing was an accident. When his friends in Muskoka, Canada, and Florida became aware of the story of his incredible life in the Canadian oil business, they encouraged him to commit it to writing. They insisted it was a story that must be told, that
    it is a piece of national history. Reluctantly, he did, and after more than twenty years the story of AN ENDLESS AND CONFLICTED LOVE, A MAN WHO PLAYED WITH FIRE AND NEARLY LOST HIS LIFE DOING IT, and ONE OF THE LARGEST AND MOST
    AUDACIOUS THEFTS IN CANADIAN HISTORY, was finally made public.

    Stephen has entitled the book: The Bridge to Caracas, for reasons that will ultimately be obvious to readers. Prior to choosing that title, he considered entitling the book: The Nicest Crook I Ever Knew, but in the end, Jim Servito, the antagonist, was really not very nice.

    The sequels,The Tainted Trust, (the story of what happened to the $325,000,000 stolen from the Canadian and U.S. governments), the second in The King Trilogy, and Kerri’s War, the third volume in The King Trilogy, (the continuing saga of the inconvenient fortune, are now live on Amazon KDP.

    Stephen has said, “If readers have half as much fun reading The King Trilogy as I did writing it, they will be enriched.”

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